About Us


Established in 2006, Brains and Hammers Limited has gained reputation as one of the leading real estate and infrastructure development company in

Nigeria. Year after year, we continue to provide housing solutions that appeal to customers' needs for a wide range of market segments. We boast of some of the

brightest minds in the industry and ensure continuous improvement as our organizational culture, structure, and operational strategies align to

support and fulfil our business objective of customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Provide top-quality residential/commercial buildings for both the high and low end earners in Nigeria, using only world-class standards, delivering on-time and on-budget while constantly and consciously growing our reputation for quality, integrity and total satisfaction.


Our Vision


Our company is committed to being a construction firm that is known externally for quality, integrity, resourcefulness and internally for profitability and employees’ satisfaction. 



Brains & Hammers is focused on successfully building 10,000 units of mid to high-luxury buildings, both residential and commercial in the next 5 years. To achieve this, we will continually train, retrain and leverage on our existing core competencies.